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International Relations Graduate student at NYU ’22. Marine Corps Veteran. Former Congressional Candidate.

The answer is yes, for now, and here’s why —

J Scott Applewhite/AP Photo

It is clear more than ever; the US should be heading towards a parliamentary system. Democrats denounce socialism and pander to republicans. They claim Medicare for All and putting a ban on fracking are unpopular. How can the Democratic Party claim to believe in science if the incoming administration does not support the Green New Deal? Why would the party that claims to be on the American people’s side deny free healthcare coverage while COVID-19 cases are spiking? The party has an identity crisis. Supporting a woman’s right to choose…

Protest for Palestine in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn 5/22. Photo taken by James Innis, NYC DSA Anti-War.

The Palestinian resisitance towards the Israeli government has been ongoing for 73 years. During the late 19th century and the early 20th century, the region had a very small percentage of Jews. Yet, tensions were high because of the Balfour Declaration in 1917, and they turned into sectarian conflict between the Jews and the Arabs. Israel occupied several Palestinian territories in 1967 after the Six-Day War, but resistance has continued to this day. What started out as disputes over land, has now turned into the dehumanization of Palestenians who virtually hold little to no power.

A two-state solution is the…

Refugee camp site in Tijuana, Mexico, 2018.

I was in Tijuana, Mexico in December of 2018 to assist activists in helping asylum seekers stuck at the US-MX border. I built a friendship with a Honduran mother and her young daughter who fled their home because massive droughts caused crop failure. They barely had any money left and Honduras was being torn apart by political violence. She felt that she and her daughter were in danger. At times, it was difficult finding her tent that was scattered along with hundreds of other families seeking refuge in the US.

Seeing their conditions now makes me believe that in order…

The US will continue to be the world’s superpower in the foreseeable future because it prioritizes American interests before American values.

The coronavirus pandemic economically, politically, and socially decimated the United States. At its peak, there was a 14.4% unemployment rate. Former President Donald Trump’s inept, “Make America Great Again’’ attitude led the world to over 500,000 COVID-19 deaths. Between the protests for Black Lives and whte nationalists Coup d’état in the US capitol, the country was as divided as ever. The US was the leader of the free world. Now, its status hangs in the balance.

Thus, it leaves…

As the US is coming to a turningpoint with a new administration, Joe Biden must decide between diplomacy or policing.

American special forces soldiers at the scene of an attack on a health facility in Kabul, Afghanistan, on May 12, 2020. Photo: Jim Huylebroek/The New York Times/Redux

The US government is getting away with war crimes after the Human Rights Watch released reports of CIA back Afghan forces committing abuses and executions of innocent Afghan civilians. Most of whom were young boys and speculated to be future members of the Taliban. These strike forces conducted 10 raids from 2017 to 2019 which resulted in at least 51 civilian casualties.

In a desperate attempt to block further investigations, Donald Trump sanctioned senior officials of the International Criminal Court…

One of the most important civil rights cases of the cycle will be presented to the United States Supreme Court on November 13th. Any ruling can set the precedent for future cases to follow suit.

Back Story

Media mogul, Byron Allen is suing Comcast because he alleges the corporation refused to broadcast his media channels on their network. He is suing them on the basis of racial discrimination that is protected by Section 1981 of the Civil Rights Act of 1886 which states, every citizen of the United States shall have an equal right to enforce contracts to any benefits…

The United States of America should abolish prisons. There is nothing humane about people putting in cages. Polishing the sharp edges to the prison industrial complex while the institution is still intact is not correctional. It is a cyclical system that is entrenched in systemic racism.

According to the United States Department of Justice, every two out of three people who were formerly incarcerated, are likely to be rearrested. The same people are targeted, particularly Black, Brown, LGBTQ, and poor people. …

The Muslim-American millennial experience is shaping up how we discuss American politics. September 11th, 2001 proliferated a series of events that turned Islam into the enemy of the state. In an effort to counter the fear of Muslims, we wanted to prove our patriotism like every American. We bowed our heads low, smiled when we said hello, and kept quiet about what was going on in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Palestine. Skipped the stories on our timelines to not feel what was occurring with the Rohingya Genocide. Whistling these discussions only in our livings room. Speaking up for the suffering…

Written by Shaniyat Chowdhury; Photographed by Joselynn Cortes

first shot of Jamie

Day 1

So many voices are left unheard. Even when they want to shout, they are silenced by draconian laws that dismember human rights. Cast in the shadows of the life they yearned for so long. Torn from their loved ones, sent back to their countries, and making it impossible to ever come back.

Children on the other, don’t have a voice. They follow whenever and wherever their parents tell them to go. They don’t question…they just go. Some children quickly learn to mature. Parents try their best to protect the innocence…

Shaniyat Chowdhury

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